High-quality climate prediction data

Seasonal forecast model outputs available in the C3S Climate Data Store have global coverage and spatial resolution of 1°. This resolution is usually too coarse compared to the scales needed in practical applications. Using a post-processing chain constructed from tools available in the CSTool package, we downscaled two variables (surface air temperature, precipitation) at daily frequency from two C3S seasonal forecast systems (ECMWF System 5, Météo-France System 6) to a target resolution of 0.25° over the Mediterranean area. The downscaling is performed for two start dates (May 1st and November 1st) for the entire period 1993-2016.

All techniques employed in the downscaling chain are extensively documented in the literature and implemented using functions from the R package CSTools developed in MEDSCOPE.
Further information on the script used to downscale the data and the data themselves can be found in the following document (click to download pdf)